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2017 Running

My introductory year to ultra running. I started out with what seemed like a small goal; to run a no-commitment ultra, and by the end of the year I ran three. When I started my furthest run was maybe 6 miles. I followed a simple marathon program to help increase mymileage. I was able to steadily increase my mileage week after week.

By the end of the year my body was beat up

First 31 Miler

Went out to Penny Pack to support Adrienne with her first 50 mile run. This was a self-hosted event. She was determined to prove to herself she could run it, especially after a day-long rainstorm that washed out her 50 mile race two weeks prior. I planned on running for 26 miles since my longest distance at the time was 18 miles and I was trained for a marathon. I kept going and pushed until 31 miles. It wasn’t easy.

Tunxis Trail

Finished the 32 mile Tunxis Trail Ultra on Aug 26. This was my first ultra-marathon, and a tough challenge for me. As this was the inaugural year for this race there were some hiccups. We had a 5 minute speech given in 2 minutes before the starting horn was blown. Several of the racers found themselves off-course at one point or another. We ran about an extra mile ourselves. Getting a little lost was part of the fun. For a long time we never saw anyone out there on the trail, and later on it felt like we had a group of 6-8 people running with us. Our time was around 10.5 hours to finish. Overall a great time and experience.

World’s End Half

This awesome half-marathon deep in the woods of Pennslyvania was a great taste of what the World’s End Park has to offer. The course here was gorgeous. Excited to go back in 2018 when Adrienne runs her 100k.

Patapsco 50k

This race beat me up, but I did it. The course was moderate. I had a hip injury going into the race that I tried to fix for 1.5 months with lots of rest and low-intesity runs. I struggled the last half of the race. The course circles back to the start for mile 20, and I had a strong urge to quit. I decided leave the Aid Station immediately and keep pushing. Once I’m out there its easier to keep going.

Philadelphia Marathon

Went out too fast and paid for it. I loved running with my friend Hank - he had an excellent race

Other 2017 Races

  • Philly Love Run
  • Broad Street Run
  • Scott Coffee Run

Every run from this year combined