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2018 Running

(written November 2019)

Not a great year, had plans to run a 50Mi race in November, but had to bail because of hip issues. My goal was to fix the hip issues, but ultimately never acted on this. I spent a lot of my free time trying to finish building the Single World Joiner for TagPro. From about August until the end of the year I did very little running.

Canyons 50k

(written March 2018)

Traveled out to Foresthill California to run one section of the Western States course. Running western states someday is lifetime goal of mine. Most of the course is incredibly runnable. The trails are smooth as butter with few rocks. The hardest part of the course was going up Devil’s Thumb. That hill is a steep climb that went on forever. After the race Adrienne and I spent sometime in Yosemite Valley National Park.

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